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Litter-Robot 3 Connect (Beige)
Litter-Robot 3 Connect (Beige)
Litter-Robot 3 Connect (Beige)
#Litter Robot# - #Catnovation#
#Litter Robot# - #Catnovation#

Litter-Robot 3 Connect (Beige)

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What is a Litter-Robot 3 Connect?

Welcome to the completely reimagined Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Connected Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box! Now WiFi-enabled so you can remotely monitor and control a single Litter-Robot or multiple units. Compatible with Apple mobile devices with iOS 9.0 or greater and Android mobile devices 6.0 or greater.

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  • Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Self-Cleaning Litter Box (Wifi-Enabled version)
  • Compatible with Apple mobile devices and Android mobile devices
  • Lets you monitor your cat's litter box usage and change settings remotely
  • Compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices
  • After the cat exits, the patented sifting process automatically separates the waste from the litter and deposits the clumps into a waste drawer for easy disposal.
  • Available in Grey and Beige

  • Requires iOS 9.0 or greater or Android 6.0 or greater
  • Requires camera permissions to scan Litter-Robot QR code
  • Requires 2.4 GHz router signal (5GHz band not supported).

    Additional features
    • Automatic Night Light to help elderly cats during night time visits.
    • Adjustable Cycle Timer: Choose 3,7 or 15-minute cycle delay.
    • Sleep Mode: Stop the unit from cycling during the night.
    • Control Panel Lockout
    • Accommodates cats weighing 5 lbs or more
    • Drawer Full indication: Will notify you when the waste drawer is full.
    What`s in The box?

    • 1 X Fully Assembled Litter-Robot 3 Connect
    • 1 X Carbon Filter
    • 3 X Waster Drawer Liner
    • 1 X 15VDC 1.0 Amp Power Supply
    • 1 X English instruction Manual
    What else you need to know ?
    • Shipping 

    We ship all across the UK in 1 to 2 business days if Mainland and 2 to 3 business days if not. *** Note : Saturday delivery request need to be in before Thursday 12:00 (midnight). If not, it will be delivered the following Saturday.

    • Works with any Clumping Litter

    The Litter-Robot has been designed to work with various types of litter, not just the premium clumping clay litters. The sifting screen is suitable for both clumping, scoopable clay litters as well as for alternative litters such as Litter Pearls, Crystals or World's Best Cat Litter.

    • Great for Multiple Cats
    • Reduces litter box odor
    • Now available in Grey: Each unit is uniquely marbled grey, featuring a singular and sophisticated look. 

    The Litter-Robot is about the size of a nightstand. Because it eliminates almost all odor, reduces litter tracking, has an 8-hour sleep setting when it will not cycle (Litter-Robot 3 only).

    Litter-Robot 3 Dimensions: 
    Height: 29.5" (74.9cm) 
    Width: 24.25" (68.6cm) 
    Depth: 27" (68.6cm) 
    Entryway: 16"(40.64cm)H x 10.25"(25.4cm)W 
    Inside Globe: 15"(38.1cm)-17"(43.18cm)H (depending on litter level) x 20"(50.8cm)W x 20"(50.8cm)D 
    Litter Bed: 14" (35.56cm) wide at maximum 
    Waste Drawer: 16"(40.64cm)H x 12.5"(30.48cm)W x 5"(12.7cm)D 
    Weight: 24 pounds/10.88 kg


    Instruction manual

    Click here for Quick start guide

    Click here for instruction manual.


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    Our main warehouse is located in Fareham Hampshire UK and we ship all across the UK in 1 to 3 business days if Mainland and 2 to 4 business days if not.

    ** For your safety we ship all orders over £200 via a secure tracked and signed service. Our courier will require a signature from you the customer at the shipping address. To avoid any additional charges please arrange for someone to be available to sign for delivery on the first attempt.**

    If you have any questions, please email support@catnovation.uk before placing your order. 

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