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Litter-Robot Learning page.

We will try to provide as much information in this one document to educate and allow you to make the right decision for yourself and your cat(s). Happy reading!

Self-Cleaning Litter Box
 Self-Cleaning. The Litter-Robot frees you from the chore of litter box

scooping. You can be confident that your cats have a litter box that is cleaned automatically, reliably, and consistently.

The large waste drawer holds several days' worth of waste; saving you time spent scooping litter! You can go on enjoyable most needed vacations or short business trips without worrying about your cat's litter box. This Innovation makes cleaning your litter box as simple as changing a kitchen garbage bag.

It is such an easy process that you can have your kids participate in providing a clean environment for their cats without having to worry about them making a mess of it all 😊 .

 Patented Litter-Sifting System. You want the best for your cats, you love

them, you cherish them, they comfort you and distract you they are part of the family so why not do this for them also.

Cats prefer a clean place to go every time. The Litter-Robot's reliable, patented sifting process promptly removes waste clumps from the litter, providing a clean, level bed of litter for the next use.

The Litter-Robot gently and quietly separates the waste clumps from the clean litter by frequently rotating the globe along a horizontal axis. The clean litter stays in the globe while the waste drops to a disposable bag held in a concealed chamber under the globe. In addition to zero need for manual cleaning and maintenance, there are no rake mechanisms that can get jammed or clogged. The Litter-Robot is a reliable, automatic self cleaning cat litter box that consistently works for every use.

Click here to see quick video on how it works     Litter-Robot how it workds

Built to Last

The Litter-Robot is a home appliance that no pet parent should live without! It is designed for quality and will provide you with reliable, trouble-free service and requires very little maintenance. Solid construction and industrial-grade components ensure a long life. But in the unlikely case that your cat doesn't take to the Litter-Robot or there is a defect, you are protected by our 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 24-Month Warranty see link for more details.

Works With Any Clumping Cat Litter.

The Litter-Robot accommodates a wide variety of clumping clay cat litters. Litter crystals, pearls, and biodegradable types are all compatible with the Litter-Robot. Experience and actual use tells us that some brands are better than others for moisture absorption, dust content, odor control, and more. We know you have a favorite cat litter for your pets, so we want to avoid any additional costs or a change in your routine—other than freeing you from scooping cat litter!

We have complicated busy lives so how about easy ? No Special

Receptacles, Waste Bags, or Chemicals The Litter-Robot waste drawer is designed to fit a variety of liners. Inexpensive 30- or 50-liter kitchen garbage bags, and even larger plastic grocery bags will do the job. If you’re seeking a biodegradable option, we offer custom-fit Waste Drawer Liners, in various size packs. It’s up to you! We want this product to make your life easier, without any gimmicks or hidden costs.

The concealed Litter-Robot waste drawer was designed to prevent
mold growth, thereby controlling and nearly eliminating that awful litter box smell. Waste is still waste, so we recommend emptying the waste drawer once every 7-10 days for a single cat household.
Additionally, the use of clumping litter helps with litter box odor control. The encapsulated clumps, hidden waste drawer, and carbon filter system go above and beyond isolating the waste and litter box odors. To claim that the Litter-Robot is like a breath of fresh air might be pushing it, but many of our customer testimonials have said exactly that. We are certain that the air in your home can and will smell much fresher and far less like a litter box with the Litter-Robot.
 You want to save money in the long run?

Some may say that the Litter-Robot is expensive but if you are able to see the bigger picture then you will realize that it is exactly like an efficient appliance.

The Litter-Robot saves you money over time by using fewer resources. No need to purchase special receptacles, bags, or chemicals. All you need to use the Litter-Robot is a small amount of electricity (or battery), waste drawer liners, and clumping cat litter. The patented Litter-Robot sifting system removes only the clumps, leaving maximal clean litter after each cycle. Litter-Robot customers report saving up to 50% on litter annually, compared to traditional and other automated litter boxes.


Safe and Comfortable for Your Cats

The Litter-Robot operates at a safe voltage level of 15 volts DC (adapter included). There are no moving parts, sharp objects, or electrical wiring inside the globe that could harm your cat. A safety mechanism prevents the Litter-Robot from operating when a cat is inside. As an additional safety feature, the globe rotates very slowly, but efficiently, during the cleaning cycle. If your cat tries to re-enter during the cleaning cycle, the motor will shut off automatically.

The spacious globe provides a large litter bed area for your cat. The Litter-Robot III Open Air accommodates cats as small as 5 pounds and as large as, well, you tell us! With the enlarged entryway and set-back rotation system, customers have reported that as large as 30 pounds have used the Litter-Robot III Open Air 

We want you to know everything so it`s important to keep in mind that there are a few reasons why your cat would not be ready or able to use the litter-Robot.

 Is your cat is too small : The Litter-Robot relies on a weight-sensitive switch

that detects when your cat enters or exits the litter chamber. 

Cats that weigh 2.2 kilograms or less will not activate the Cat Sensor and therefore should not use the Litter-Robot in Automatic Mode. Instead, we recommend a "semi-automatic" mode to keep your cat safe and relieve you from litter box scooping. Well, that does not mean that it`s wrong it just means that your cat may not be able to take advantage of all of it`s potential just yet. Your kitten will grow up to be a cat so it`s just a matter of time. As a kitten though he will be much more inclined to play with it and learn to love it.

 Some Cats are just insecure.

If your cat is very nervous, not playful, not curious and  easily scared.

If this is the case it may be hard for them to adapt and accept this new litter box. Cats that do not accept change well, especially elderly cats may reject a new litter box design. The more experimental and curious your cat is, the more easily he or she will adapt to the Litter-Robot. For tips and trick on how to entice your cat to use the Litter-Robot.

 One last important thingLitter-Robot Cleaning

You will have to clean the unit periodically.

The Litter-Robot does an Amazing job at keeping a safe and clean environment for your cat but it does  not clean itself out. Don’t worry, it`s an easy process😊  Click here to see how it`s done

Rest assured, you're Protected

Whether these questions have given you hope or doubt about your cat's likeliness to use the Litter-Robot, we want you to feel comfortable trying the Litter-Robot in your home. So, give it a try and use our tips and tricks to facilitate the transition. If you or your cat are not completely satisfied for any reason, just send the unit back within 90 days to receive a refund. See complete details here. 

If you have any additional questions please contact our Support Center and one of our agents will be more than happy to cover any topics regarding any Litter-Robot products we offer.