***Catnovation is open for business and DHL is currently delivering the Litter-Robot to all UK resident (mainland) in 2-4 business days and 3-5 days if not.

General Connect App Questions (Pre-Purchase)

Can I use the app with both iOS and Android?

The Connect app is compatible with Apple mobile devices with iOS 9.0 or greater and Android mobile devices 6.0 or greater. Both the Apple and Android apps are available to download.

What is the difference between the Litter-Robot 3 and the Litter-Robot 3 Connect?

Both Litter-Robots have the same patented sifting system and free you from the chore of litter box scooping. The Litter-Robot 3 Connect is WiFi-enabled, which allows you to use the app to monitor and control your Litter-Robot from wherever you are. In both cases, you still have to empty the waste drawer about once per week—but with Connect, you'll know exactly when the Litter-Robot needs your attention.

What if I already own a Litter-Robot 3? Can I upgrade my Litter-Robot?

Yes. You can make your Litter-Robot 3 compatible with the app by installing the Connect Upgrade Kit or by purchasing a new base with Connect.

Can I connect the app to multiple Litter-Robot units?

Yes. You can onboard multiple WiFi-enabled Litter-Robot units to the same app.

Can everyone in the family use the app?

Yes. If others in your household want to use the app, they can simply download the app to their device and log in with the same account.

Is the Litter-Robot compatible with IFTTT, MQTT, and other third-party home automation systems?

While we do have plans to make the Litter-Robot Connect API available to the public, it is not at this time. We plan to open the API in 2019.